Printing from Your iPhone or iPad

Despite the ubiquity of cloud computing, printing out hard copies of documents is still needed on a regular basis. If you’re an avid iPhone or iPad user and are looking to print from your iDevice, solutions are at hand.

AirPrintThe Apple AirPrint protocol is built-in to iPhones and iPads. To print a document from an app which supports printing, tap on the Share button – typically a box with an arrow coming out of the top. From the menu which appears select Print. The first time you use this feature you will need to tap on Select Printer and choose the printer on your network. After that choose number of copies, turn double-sided on or off, and print the document. See this link for Visual Instructions.

Using this feature requires an AirPrint compatible printer on your wired or WiFi network. Most printers made in the past several years have built in AirPrint support. For older models including USB printers that don’t, you can use Printopia on one of your Macs to add AirPrint capability to existing shared printers.

Posted by Adam Rosen on 11 October 2016

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