Vintage Mac File Transfers and Conversions

Macs have been around for over three decades, lots of data still exists on floppy disks, Zip cartridges and old hard drives. Oakbog maintains a large working collection of classic Macintosh hardware, the Vintage Mac Museum, which provides a resource for old Mac file transfers and conversions. We also maintain an extensive archive of legacy Macintosh software. Vintage MacintoshOakbog can read most old Mac storage formats, transfer data, and convert files from obsolete formats into files useable on modern Macs and PCs – MS Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc..

The process involves several steps: copying files from the original media, then performing conversions on transferred data. Copies may require the use of several different computers and drives, depending on the condition of individual disks. Once transferred most data can be converted to modern file formats. Batch conversion is performed when possible; if not, manual conversions (Open, Save As…) can be performed for many filetypes.

Supported file formats include: Microsoft Word, Excel, Works and PowerPoint, Apple MacWrite, MacDraw, MacPaint, HyperCard, ClarisWorks and AppleWorks, WordPerfect, WriteNow, FullWrite, Quicken and QuickBooks, FileMaker Pro, SuperPaint, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Freehand, etc.. This is not an exhaustive list.

The current list of supported formats includes the following:

• Mac floppy disks: 400k SS/SD, 800k DS/DD, 1.44MB HD
• Iomega Bernoulli 5.25″ 230MB, 35/65/90/105/150MB
• Iomega Zip 100MB, 250MB; Jaz 1GB, 2GB
• SyQuest 5.25″ 44/88/200MB, 3.5″ 105/270MB, 135MB, SyJet 1.5GB
• Magneto-Optical MO 3.5″ 2.3GB, 128/230/540/640MB; MO 5.25″ 650MB
• Imation SuperDisk 120MB
• SCSI, IDE or SATA hard drives (2.5″ and 3.5″)

If we don’t have something we can attempt to obtain it. Let us help restore your data and cherished memories!

For services email  or call 617.480.6436

“When we needed help recovering some historical images on vintage Mac formatted discs, Adam from Oakbog really came through. The discs were a rare format, and we couldn’t locate anyone locally to do the job. But Adam had no problem recovering the files, which made us very happy. He was a pleasure to work with, fairly priced and delivered the job in a timely manner.” – Carolyn, United Way of San Diego