Use Chrome to Tame Adobe Flash Player Updates

A tip based on multiple recent client experiences. The Adobe Flash player is used widely on the web to run games, online utilities, website navigation, etc.. This software is updated quite frequently to address security vulnerabilities. Apple’s OS X security mechanism blocks older versions of Flash player from running in Safari, and Firefox does the same thing. The end result is that Flash-based websites frequently stop working, requiring a Flash software update. The update procedure can be confusing for many people, leading to repeated angst and frustration.

chromeOne way to tame this situation is to use Google Chrome to access Flash dependent websites. Chrome includes a built-in Flash player which gets updated with the browser, rather than requiring a separate process. Usually all you need to do to update Chrome (when necessary) is quit, then relaunch the browser.

For folks suffering from repeated Flash update headaches, it’s worth a try.

Posted by Adam Rosen on 27 March 2015

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