Apple Macintosh and iOS Resources


Commonly Used Mac Software

Adobe Flash Player – download current installer
Java 6 for Mac OS X – download current installer
Google Chrome – download current installer
Mozilla Firefox – download current installer
QuickTime 7 for OS X – download current installer
Apple Software Downloads

Macintosh and iOS Utilities

BackBlaze – cloud based backup services for Mac users
Malwarebytes for Mac – scan your Mac to eliminate popups and malware

1Password – manage passwords and keep them in sync across multiple devices
Carbon Copy Cloner – create and manage bootable backups of your Mac
ChronoSync – backup and synchronize files across multiple drives and machines
DiskWarrior – disk directory repair and filesystem maintenance for the Mac
DriveDx – check disk health and SMART status for hard drives and SSDs
FileSalvage – help restore deleted documents and recover files from erased or damaged drives
iMazing – transfer music, photos, text messages, etc. from iPhones, iPads and iPods your Mac
MacScan – check your Mac for spyware and tracking cookies
PowerPhotos – fix corrupt Photos libraries and manage large photo collections
Printopia – add AirPrint capability to old printers to use with iPads and iPhones
SMART Utility – check hard drives for signs of impending disk failure
TeamViewer – remote desktop screen sharing and file transfer for Macs and PCs

Data Recovery and Hardware Repairs

Resquoo – hard drive, iPhone/iPad and mobile device data recovery (Peabody MA)
DriveSavers – hard disk, SSD and mobile device data recovery – use code DS17978 for 10% off

Orramac – non-warranty and older Mac repairs and upgrades (Watertown MA)
Computer Loft – independent Apple authorized warranty service and sales (Allston MA)
Boston iPhone Repair – cracked screens, water damage and new batteries (Cambridge MA)

AppleCare Coverage Check
Apple Sales and Service Locations

Macintosh Care and Maintenance

When Your Mac Slows Down, Give It A Tune Up (Rosen, Cult of Mac)
How To Completely Uninstall Software under Mac OS X (Rosen, Cult of Mac)
How To Fix Common Mac Startup Problems (Rosen, Cult of Mac)
Backup and Restore Your Mac Using Time Machine (Rosen, Cult of Mac)
Using Old Peripherals with Newer Macs (Rosen, Low End Mac)
Finding a New Home for Your Old Mac (Rosen, Oakbog)

Websites Worth Visiting

Speakeasy Internet Speed Test – check your internet speeds
SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test – alternate speed test

Cult of Mac – Apple news, tips and happenings among the tribe
MacRumors – rumors, trends, news and gossip fodder
AppleInsider– more rumors, trends, news and gossip fodder – check Mac specs and details, by model and serial number
Mac of All Trades – used Mac sales and trade-ins